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 ghost hunting in the day

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PostSubject: ghost hunting in the day   ghost hunting in the day Icon_minitimeWed Nov 10, 2010 11:59 am

From time to time I heard it said "Ghost hunting can only be done at night"...

I'm here to tell you... that's a crock, a myth.

You can ghost hunt in broad daylight, of course it may not be as exciting as it would be during the night, but daytime ghost hunting can be very productive, and is perfect for those locations you can't get into during the night hours.

Ghosts are at a given location no matter if it is day or night. To believe that ghosts only come out during the night is a misconception and it's not just another theory. Many ghost hunters have experienced and caught some of their best ghost hunting evidence during the daylight hours.

While ghost hunting at night offers fewer visual distractions, and your senses are already heightened due to the fact that well....it's dark so you're a lot more likely to pay attention to strange noises, feeling sudden changes in the air like hot and cold spots, and because of limited visibility and you will detect any movement more easily.

Studies have been done relating ghost activity to the activity of sun spots and while I won't go into a lot of details here I will tell you this...
Depending on which study you read, some believe when the sun is active with sun spots the electromagnetic fields are so high that you won't be able trust your EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) readings, and they also believe that ghost will remain quite during these periods.

On the other hand...

Others believe and will recommend that you do your daytime ghost hunts while sun spots are particularly active because it churns up activity as ghost will be feed energy during these high electromagnetic occurrences.

Hmmmm, heads or tails.... All I can say is try it for yourself and see what works for you in terms of the suns activity...

I believe the most important factors, day or night is location. In many locations the ghost activity is residual and not intelligent. That's to say they are recordings or loops in time.

In some locations where a tragic event or death took place at a specific time or date some ghost will only make their appearance, so to speak at that specific time of day on a given day of year.

to me it just makes sense that you would be more likely to see or capture evident during the day rather than night... and many have.

An advantage would also be that there are plenty of locations, no matter where you live, that can be accessed during the day but closed and or in-accessible during the night so ghost hunting during the day opens many new opportunities for you to ghost hunt.

While daytime ghost hunting has its advantages, it also has its share of disadvantages as well. An advantage of daytime ghost hunting is that photography and video is extremely effective and most everyone already has cameras and video equipment that works excellent under varied lighted conditions.

You'll be able to capture objects at greater distant as well as see movements at a greater distant during the daylight hours much of which you would most likely be unable to see during the night. Shooting photographs or video during the night your camera's and video equipment is limited to your lighting situations, both natural and inferred.

While doing a daytime ghost hunt is to always be aware of your shadow and the shadow of those with you. Knowing where yours and team member's shadows are when shooting in the daytime this will be a big plus when doing your review and will help alleviate some potentially misleading photographs.

Do a some research... Check out YouTube, Google images, Yahoo images etc. it's fun and you'll find a ton of better high quality photographs of ghost that were captured during the daylight hours.

I personally, have no doubts that you can conduct successful ghost hunt during the day and have participate in many daytime ghost hunts and many of these hunts I did completely by myself and you can too.

If you're at work and have an hour for lunch, run down to the cemetery down the block and shoot a few pictures and record some EVPS. Even if you don't get anything the exercise and fresh air will do you good.

I try to investigate at least a couple cemeteries each month. If I'm fortunate enough to capture some type of evident that may suggest paranormal activity I then concentrate on that cemetery until I've collected enough evident to warrant a night time investigation.

Daytime hunting can also play a huge role if you are just getting started in ghost hunting especially for those who may not yet belong to a team or just has a hard time gathering a group to accompanying them on ghost hunts.

Every time you go out rather it be day or night, you will be gaining ghost hunting experience that will help a new individual fine tune his or her ghost hunting techniques.

One drawback to ghost hunting during the day would be on the audio side... EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) can be no doubt can be picked up during the daylight hours as well, but the ghost hunter must be aware of his/her surroundings.

Traffic, lawnmowers, the living and other routine daytime noise can cause contamination as well as interference and you may mistake EVPs that were nothing more than a car passing by the cemetery.

Try documenting all explainable noises as they occur during this time, then when doing your review identifying true EVPS will be much easier as you've already identified all recognizable sounds.

This is where ghost hunting at night would have a definite advantage. From the audio stand point, sound travel further at night and many of the routine daytime noises are generally non-existent or at the very least considerably less.

If you don't believe that you can capture good ghost evidence during the daylight hours, I challenge you to visit some of your local cemeteries and try it. Take pictures and do some audio work with a voice recorder.

Try different times of the day maybe 9 am, one day at 1 pm or maybe 3 pm the next time... remember there aren't any set rules so don't be afraid to experiment.

Ghost hunting is still a developing science. We all are figuring so much of this out as we go along and much of what is discovered has been by trial and error and you can be a part of it by going out and trying different techniques for yourself.

So, Can you hunt ghost during the day....You Bet !!!

Before I close I ask everyone who's hunted during the day and has either had an experience or captured some sort of evident to please share it with me, I would enjoy hearing from you!
With that said that's wraps it up for this week.

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ghost hunting in the day
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