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 Paranormal activities at Victory Monument in Thailand

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Paranormal activities at Victory Monument in Thailand Empty
PostSubject: Paranormal activities at Victory Monument in Thailand   Paranormal activities at Victory Monument in Thailand Icon_minitimeWed Mar 31, 2010 2:44 pm

Dear all chasers,

I found the very interesting clip from you tube and can't wait to share with all of you. I am Thai and superstitious and I do believe in this kind of thing but Thai people don't want to mess with this kind of thing cos we believe in the evil energy so when I first came to the UK and found out about people here wanted to go to see the haunted places all the time it's amazed me but still I wouldn't want to go myself...too scared lol

Anyway the clip is in Thai and I conclude a bit of detail for all of you here. It's about a group of teenagers messing around with thier phone, filming the street when they were in Taxi and when they past the Victory monument the phone captured a white figure look like human walking up to the monument, went round to the other side and disappeared. It was a big news there but some don't believe saying that it could be a stream from the taxi window or the light tricking the phone's camera.

Is it spooky or not you have to see it with your own eyes and see what do you think?


Ps : a bit more information about Victory monument, it's a memory statue for Thais hero in the last few hundred years that they sacrified their lives to save our country and they won even we didn't have much modern weapons at that time.
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Paranormal activities at Victory Monument in Thailand
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