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 when i was 8

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when i was 8 Empty
PostSubject: when i was 8   when i was 8 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 24, 2010 7:12 pm

when i was 8 i saw my first ghost, he had on a black hat, pin strip suit, walking stick, he was behind the wardrope, in my bed room.
he was a horrible man. he hated me. he smacked me, tried to strangled me, i not sure how but i offeting saw my door move as i tried to run to it, my child hood was bad because of him.
no one saw him but me. till i left home at 21.
my dad saw him lol, talk about scream my mum said What a Face
my mum and dad have told me they here plates rattel, my hubby saw him as well.
i hate going home , even now.
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when i was 8
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